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I think it would be better if I just make a separate commission page for digital only commission!

HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS (new and old)! I am opening commission just for people who wants to commission digital stuff only! Since I’m on summer break, I have a lot of time to work on commission works. Plus I need money for AX prints (but I will close this commission if I do get this job I applied yesterday).

The canvas size for both Flat and Flat + painting will be:

1200 dpi (height or width…depends on the composition)!

For Painting it would be around:

2550 dpi x 3300 dpi (8in x 11in)

If you have any more question, please message me OR email me! Plus you can pay me before or after I finish my commission! Also my paypal email is the same as my main email!!!

I’m going to open five slots (and if the list is full, I’ll put you on wailist!!!)

Thank you guys and have a nice day~!!!!

reblogging this to let you know that I have three slots left!!!

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